Sunset House

Location: Dalsig, Stellenbosch
Status: Completed 2021
Awards: 2023 CIFA Award for Architecture

Sunset House
Sunsethouse passage
Sunset House
Sunset House exterior
Sunset House stairs
Sunset House Stairs
Sunset House Living room
Sunset House pool
Sunset House Lounge
Sunset House Open Plan
Sunset House Balcony
Sunset House Passage
Sunset House bathroom
Sunsethouse bedroom
Sunset House Bedroom
Sunset House Sketch
Sunset House Sketch
Sunset House Sketch
Sunset House_ Sketch
Sunset House Sketch

Sunset House

Responding to the local climate and scenic surroundings, the building embraces an L-shaped layout that encloses a private internal courtyard. Inspired by modernist houses in Stellenbosch, the design learns from the works of modern masters at home and abroad. Careful attention to proportions and ergonomics has resulted in a comfortable living environment that is not ostentatious. The careful placement of planters, pergolas, and courtyards gives precedence to nature in this suburban setting.

Elevating the elongated structure on pilotes enhances its horizontal and transparent qualities, creating an illusion of weightlessness and seamless integration with the landscape. Overhangs were carefully designed to balance sun penetration in winter, and shade in summer, thereby reducing the need for mechanical heating and cooling. Mirrors have been strategically placed to visually extend the boundaries of rooms, creating an illusion of endless depth and reflecting natural light. They also seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor environments, reflecting the surrounding nature and amplifying the connection between the built and natural elements. In complex junctions, the mirrors are thoughtfully positioned to dissolve visual connections. Their precise placement posed significant challenges during construction, requiring meticulous attention to avoid highlighting imperfections.

The house makes extensive use of sustainable design principles such as rainwater harvesting, renewable energy, double glazing and low energy lighting.

Location: Dalsig, Stellenbosch
Status: Completed
Design Team: Bettina Woodward, Nikki Onderstall & Shannon Tribe with Juandi Andrag and Roland Andrag (clients).
Photographs: Inge Prins 
Sketches: Wian Jordaan

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