Location: Cape Winelands
Status: Unbuilt

Beezantium Pergola
Beezantium_Beehive Geometry
Beezantium_Beehive Geometry
Beezantium Cross Section
Beezantium Long Section


This unbuilt design concept is intended to be situated in a garden on a historical Cape Farm, and aims to celebrate the story of bees. The project consists of two elements, a structure housing a bee ‘museum’ and a covered route through the garden that leads the visitor to the museum. The hexagonal planning of the route through the garden creates different pockets, each inspired by a cycle in a bee’s life and the different roles bees have to play in the hive, while the timber lattice structure is a representation of the 3-dimensional form of each individual cell in the hive. The museum structure itself draws inspiration from Yale centre for British Art designed by Louis Kahn. The sculptural rooms inside the building are lined with timber creating a feeling of being inside the hive.

Location: Cape Winelands
Design Team: Bettina Woodward, Lente Conradie & Wian Jordaan.
Sketches: Wian Jordaan

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