Pickwick Apartments

Location: Saltriver, Cape Town
Status: Unbuilt
In collaboration with Kevin Fellingham Architects

High Density Housing
High Density Housing
High Density Housing
High Density Housing

Pickwick Apartments

Affordable housing stock in the inner city of Cape Town allows young people to live centrally. This multi-storey mixed use housing scheme will accommodate 440 residential units, shops, restaurants, offices and three levels of basement parking. Set to become a new node in the Salt River area, the development is characterised by a large North facing planted atrium leading to an internal shopping arcade.

Active edges on all four sides of the ground floor, enhance amenities and security for residents. Communal roof gardens on the terraced roof scape provide residents with high level views and greenery whilst socialising. Living units range from 25 m2 to 35 m2, each with its own kitchen, bathroom and balcony.

Location: Saltriver, Cape Town
Design Team: Kevin Fellingham, Bettina Woodward, Alex Becker, Karien Trengove, Nikki Onderstall, Ilaena Napier, Shannon Tribe, Katrina van Hassalt & Katie Strachan

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