Cape Fountain

Location: Cape Winelands
Status: Unbuilt
In Collaboration with Lorenzo Nassimbeni

Cape Fountain illustration
Cape Fountain
Cape Fountain Wall
Cape Fountain Wall
Cape Fountain Wall
Cape Fountain illustration
Cape Fountain illustration

Cape Fountain

The semi-circular shape of the Cape Fountain serves as a focal point at the end of the garden that holds the visitor in its embrace. The graphic element was inspired by the Delft Plate, a cultural artifact of the VOC, or Dutch East India Company.

The emblematic graphic of the plate was fragmented and elongated to converse with the space. This fragmentation interacts with the patterned shadows cast by the trees.

Location: Cape Winelands
Design Team: Bettina Woodward, Sebastian Waters & Valerie Lehabe, in collaboration with Lorenzo Nassimbeni

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